Local Foods

The rasgulla originated in Odisha, where it is also known by its original name, Khira mōhana.It has been a traditional Oriya dish for a long time.[2][19][20][21][22][23] Rasgulla was in vogue in Orissa since centuries, but it gained popularity in Bengal and has now become one of the most sought after sweets. People throughout the state consider the rasgullas prepared by the Kar brothers, the descendants of a local confectioner, Bikalananda Kar, in the town of Salepur, near Cuttack to be the best. Today this rasgulla famously named Bikali Kar Rasgulla is sold all over Odisha Another variant of this dish that is made in the town of Pahal, located between the cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, is also very popular locally. Rasagōlās from Pahala, Odisha Pahala, where only rasgulla and its derivatives, chhenapoda and chhenagaja are available, is reputed to be the largest market in the world for chhena sweets. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the popularity of rasgulla spread to neighboring West Bengal.A sweet seller named Haradhan Moira may have introduced the dish to Bengal. In the year 1868, Nobin Chandra Das, a local confectioner of Kolkata, modified the recipe of the rasgulla as he wanted to extend the life of the sweet which was originally highly perishable.His son, K.C.Das started canning the product leading to wider accessibility. Eventually the rasgulla gained popularity all across India and the rest of South Asia. Although traditionally sold inside clay pots called handis in Odisha and in Bengal, sponge rasgullas in cans have become popular nowadays. Such canned rasgullas are available throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as in South Asian grocery stores in Britain and North America.They are marketed not only by K. C. Das and other confectioners, but also by several other Indian sweet makers from places such as Bikaner and Delhi as well as manufacturers such as Haldiram's. More recently, it has been marketed by the Kar brothers as well. In Nepal, the rasgulla is popular under the name Rasbari.The Indian space agency, ISRO is developing dehydrated rasgullas for Indian astronauts in its planned manned mission in 2016.